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Doss HS Attendance Incentive Winners
attendance award winners

Congratulations to the following students for being our attendance incentive winners for the week of Nov. 16th - 20th.  Some of these students will be getting calls about pizza deliveries directly to their homes.  Keep showing up, and we may be delivering pizza to your home!  *One pizza winner per academy based on random draw.

Business and Finance Academy

Attendance All-Star - Chris Long - Ms. Johnson - He’s in my 9 am class on Mondays and Thursdays and never misses, which is impressive enough on its own. Also works very hard to keep on top of his standards.   

Attendance All-Star - Troy Churchill (pizza winner) - Mrs. Zadeh -  Troy is a hardworking and dedicated student who has attended all of his live classes for US History. He is very respectful and intuitive in everything that he does. I am honored to have him as a student this year!

Freshman Academy

Attendance All-Star - Hayden Helms - Mr. Ford - Hayden always attends class and has even attended an after-school session!

Rising Star - Brandon Blackford (pizza winner) - Mr. Lasley - Brandon used to get in his assignments on a fairly regular basis, but dropped off after the first grading period.  However, he has recently begun working really hard to get in his missing assignments.  I think that his jump in performance is deserving of a lot  of praise

STEM Academy

Attendance All-Star - Perez Heredia Pedro (pizza winner) - Mrs. L. Smith - .Pedro attends class, works hard, and does a wonderful job staying on top of things! Keep it up, Pedro!   

Rising Star - Olivia Rodgers   - Mr. Ford - She started out missing a lot of classes but has been coming to class regularly lately!

Tech. and Design Academy

Attendance All-Star - Elijah Johnson (pizza winner) - Mr. Drummond - Elijah has committed to attend every class and has worked to get all assessments completed. 

Rising Star - Ariel Finwick   - Mrs. Kruszynski -  Ariel is responsible for watching and assisting her little sister and cousin during the day and yet her attendance is growing more and more. So proud of her! Even if she misses a day, I get a text or notice from her. 

Other Nominations that were not drawn:

Attendance All-Star - William Frey, Damarious Stoner Morris, Nor Almansoury, Tyeshia Izean, Tyreese Wright, Michael Cosby, Halewiya Ahmed, Cheston Gentry, Zechariah Laws, Jayla Jackman

Rising Star - John Jackson VI, Johns Jordan, Kanye Knight, Jalil Morris, John Donaster
Doss HS - ESS + Virtual Tutoring Services

Doss Families, 

Please read below for information about ESS (after-school help) and virtual tutoring for Doss students!


We have now begun our Extended School Services (ESS) program for Doss students.
  • Students who are in need of additional support in their classes will be encouraged by their teachers to attend.
  • Students will participate online through Google Meet or Microsoft Teams.
  • The program takes place Monday-Thursday for one hour, between the hours of 2:30 – 8:00 pm (designated hour varies by teacher).
  • Please keep an eye out for an invitation coming from your student’s teacher.

Virtual Tutoring:

In an effort to provide additional support for our students and families during NTI, we are excited to offer virtual tutoring/homework help through a company called FEV Tutor. Students in grades 3-12 can access the program directly through their Clever account to either schedule an appointment or request on-demand help. 

Tutoring help is available to students Monday – Friday, 7:00 am – 10:00 pm, and on the weekends. The program can be translated into over 40 languages for our EL students.

You can learn more about this service by watching this session from the Digital Learning Channel.

If families have any questions about this free virtual tutoring program or need technical support, they can contact FEV Tutor directly at: ky@fevtutor.com or 855-763-2607. 
November 19, 2020

Dear JCPS Families:

Through an Executive Order, Governor Andy Beshear has issued new restrictions to stop the spread of COVID-19 across the state.  Jefferson County is firmly in the “red” category right now, which is defined by the state as Substantial Community Transmission-Critical.  While we had hoped to see a decrease in the trend data, we have only seen a sharp increase in recent weeks.

The Executive Order calls for all K-12 schools to hold virtual learning only.  As a result, all JCPS schools will remain in Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) through at least January 4.  We will evaluate the data and confer with state health officials in mid-December to make future determinations.  

The changes announced by the Governor also impact athletics.  The Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) has voted to delay the start of winter sports.  Beginning today, we are suspending all JCPS winter sports activities, including small group workouts.  All winter sports practices will be suspended until at least December 14.  The KHSAA is moving forward with their state football playoffs.  JCPS football teams will be allowed to practice and participate in postseason play. Strict health and safety guidance will be followed during these practices and games.

We must all do our part to protect those around us during this time.  By working together we can reopen our schools sooner and resume the activities that we know have a positive impact on our students.  


Jefferson County Public Schools
Doss HS Attendance Incentive Winners
attendance award winners

Congratulations to the following students for being our attendance incentive winners for the week of Nov. 9th - 13th. Some of these students will be getting calls about pizza deliveries directly to their homes. Keep showing up, and we may be delivering pizza to your home! *One pizza winner per academy based on random draw.

Business and Finance Academy

Attendance All-Star - Biti Hassen (pizza winner) - Mrs. Marshall - Biti is an excellent student that is constantly striving to do her best. It's apparent in her work, participation, and inquiry. Way to go Biti!
Attendance All-Star - Joleen Gima - Mr. Probst - Joleen is truly an all-star! She is in every class session and goes above and beyond the norm. Joleen is involved in lots of clubs and activities outside of her normal coursework and deserves recognition for being a model Doss Dragon

Freshman Academy

Attendance All-Star - Brandon Green - Mr. Lasley - Brandon has been an amazing student all of NTI. He has had perfect attendance, completed every assignment, and has even contacted me when he notices issues on Infinite Campus. All around, he has been a pleasure to have in class and I think he deserves some praise.
Rising Star - Mario Lopez III (pizza winner) - Mr. Lasley - Mario was struggling to get to class and complete work for a while. However, recently he has been making a really big effort to get as much work done as he can and make it to each class meeting. I think he deserves some praise for his jump in participation.

STEM Academy

Attendance All-Star - Charity Broadus - Mrs. Marshall - Charity is a regular participant and attendee to class. We really enjoy her as a student.
Rising Star - Christy Garcia (pizza winner) - Mrs. Pataluna - Christy has started taking initiative for her learning. She requested a Chromebook to help her catch up on assignments and has been turning work in.

Tech. and Design Academy

Attendance All-Star - Cayden Darnell - Mrs. Tuggle - Cayden has always attended live instruction meetings promptly. He participates and is always willing to do the work.
Rising Star - Adasian Hickman (pizza winner) - Mrs. Kruszynski - Adasian had been off the radar of a while, but has been trying to be in class for the last couple of weeks. He has to watch his little brother (one-year-old!) and it still trying to be in class. When he doesn't know, he admits it and we work toward greater understanding. I hope he continues coming to class! I've appreciated him!

Other Nominations that were not drawn:

Attendance All-Star - Abigail Bennett, Kiya Moore, Jesse King, Autumn Francis, Nor Almansoury, Kevin Tejeda Azcuy, Shamil Veysalov, Roshan Biswa, Thomas Mack, Lindon Zogejani, Tyreese Wright, Michael Cosby, Ta'Shina Steele, Feliberto Gonzalez Martin, Antwuan Leo
Rising Star - Mohamed Ahmed, Olivia Rodgers, JaQuez Neal
Doss 2021 Senior Cap and Gown Information
cap and gown info

Attention Class of 2021 Doss Seniors!


Please see the 2 attachments and the 2 videos in this announcement from Balfour. This contains cap and gown information, a digital copy of the brochure, and a quick video for seniors. Reach out to your guidance counselor if you have any questions.


Hodge: Business Finance Academy

Goodwin: Tech and Design Academy

Embry: STEM Academy


2021 Senior Brochure

2021 Senior Video

Doss Cap and Gown

Additional Senior Items

Doss HS Attendance Incentive Winners
attendance award winners

Congratulations to the following students for being our attendance incentive winners for the week of Nov. 2nd - 6th.  Some of these students will be getting calls about pizza deliveries directly to their homes.  Keep showing up, and we may be delivering pizza to your home!  *One pizza winner per academy based on random draw.
Business and Finance Academy
Attendance All-Star - Mohamed Abdulkuddos (pizza winner) - Mrs. Blount - Mohamed is present for every class and engages with the lesson. Mohamed will ask questions to qualify in class as well as when completing weekly assignments at home. 
Attendance All-Star - Jefferson Olivia - Mr. Blausey - Jefferson is at every class and always asks questions.
Freshman Academy
Attendance All-Star - Evelyn Osornio - Mr. Blausey -  Evelyn has been doing great work and has been keeping on top of her assignments.
Rising Star - Shane Marcelo (pizza winner) - Mrs. Conover - Shane did not show up or do work for the first month of school. I helped him one night and since the end of September, he has shown up to every live session and completed his work. He even went back and did all of his make up work. So proud of the turn around he has made!

STEM Academy
Attendance All-Star - Michaele Gebrekidan (pizza winner)  - Mr. Blausey - Michaele shows up to every class and has been doing excellent work. 
Rising Star -  David Donaldson - Mr. Blausey - David is working to get back on track and has stayed in contact and asked questions about what he isn't understanding. 

Tech. and Design Academy
Attendance All-Star - Sein Than (pizza winner) - Mr. Blausey - Sein never misses class and always puts maximum effort into his work.
Rising Star -  Kaniya Gardner - Mrs. Kruszynski - Kaniya got a late state into NTI, but has been rocking it ever since. She's present, attentive, and has worked hard to catch up on the first few weeks worth of work!
Other Nominations that were not drawn:
Attendance All-Star - Charles Brown, Nanssy Esttaifo, Anthony Jones, Sean Thompson, Demarius Stoner, Kiana Ligon, Yadira Duron, Nor Almansoury, Jeremy Hill, Kevin Tejeda Azcuy, Shamil Veysalov, Mohammed Algarbawi, Jayla Mader, Charles Malone, Tyresse Wright, Michael Cosby, Robert Price, Michaele  Gebrekidan, Tyeshia Izean, Ayan Ahmed Mohamed, India Kirby, 
Rising Star - Theodore Smith Matthews

Internet Access for Doss Students

Doss HS families,

AT&T and Spectrum are working to provide students on free and reduced lunch easy access to internet.  If you would like more information on how your family can receive Wi-Fi access, please see the attached flyer and/or use the contact information below:

Internet Access Flyer 
Rhonda Blandford
Public Relations & Technology Coordinator
NAMI Louisville
708 West Magazine Street
Louisville, KY 40203
Office: 502-588-2008
Cell: 502-457-6132
Doss HS Attendance Incentive Winners October 26-30

attendance award winners

Congratulations to the following Doss HS students for being our attendance incentive winners for the week of Oct. 26-30.  Some of these students will be getting calls about pizza deliveries directly to their homes.  Keep showing up, and we may be delivering pizza to your home!  *One pizza winner per academy based on random draw.

Business and Finance Academy

Attendance All-Star - Justin McGuaghey - Mrs. Lindle - Justin is a hard working and will revise and resubmit until he is satisfied with his work. He always comes to class and interacts with everyone during our virtual sessions.  
Rising Star - Xyia Moore - Mr. Probst - Xiya's attendance has risen sharply as of late, and her participation in class is much appreciated. I'm so proud of the work she does and I think she deserves recognition!
Freshman Academy

Attendance All-Star - Eh Tha Mee Soe - Mr. Rouster - Eh Tha Mee was timid and hesitant to stick with band when she transitioned into high school because she thought she was behind where she needed to be. She has constantly participated in every lesson and has shown great improvement since the start of the year with her musical understanding and playing ability! 
Rising Star - JaCobie Starling - Mr. Lasley - JaCobie really struggled with NTI at first, not coming to class or completing assignments.  In the last week he completed a large amount of work.  He is still working on getting to class, but I feel like his recent increase deserves some praise.
STEM Academy

Attendance All-Star - Emil Murillo  - Mrs. Lindle -  Emil is the hardest working student I have.  He always does his best and takes on a leadership role in the virtual class which is not an easy task.  I am super proud of his work ethic as well.  
Rising Star - Howard Del Junco - Mrs. Smith - This student has been coming to class in recent weeks ready to GET IT DONE! I am impressed with the renewed work ethic and positive attitude! Keep it up, Howard!
Tech. and Design Academy

Attendance All-Star -Mahdi Hamid Al Nassarii - Mr. Wood - He has been to all Teams meetings.  He has an "A" and is always asking what he can do to make his grade even better.  He is ahead of the work I have assigned and always has a great attitude when he is in the Teams meetings.  When I ask a question, he answers.  
Rising Star -  Ryan Lovingood - Mrs. Lindle - Ryan had a rough start, but quickly got on track. He is involved in class discussion in live classes and turns in all his work.
Other Nominations that were not drawn:

Attendance All-Star - Kmya Roberts, Rey El Williams, Xiya Moore, Ngoc Ho, Jeremiah Sutton, Yanelee Morales Bahena, Evelyn Orsonio, Emily Singleton, Emmanuel Simms (twice), David Vega Gonzalez (twice), Michael Cosby, Robert Price, Kaytilin Goff, Amanda Freeman, Lindon Zogejani, Thomas Mack, Shane Mettinger, Ta Shina Steele, Pinny Swe, Cheston R Gentry Jr., Thomas Mack, Autumn Ware, Trinity Decker, John Meija, Stanley O’Neil (twice), Greco Perry, Perris Pope, David T Wells Jr., Sein Myint Than, Jacobi L Taylor, Kami Evans
Rising Star - Benjamin Schnell, Sakya Durrett, Frank Cedeno Maldonado, Nick Ricker
Doss HS October 2020 Newsletter

Hello Doss Nation!

Check out our latest and greatest right here in our October 2020 Newsletter
JCPS extending NTI

October 15, 2020
To our JCPS Community,
Like many of you, there is nothing we want more than to have students and staff back in our school buildings.  But we won’t do that until we know it is safe for our students, their families  and our employees.
As we closely review the data and trends of COVID-19 cases in our city, it is not possible to safely begin our return-to-school on October 22nd, as we had hoped.  When we see a significant reduction in the number of cases, we will consult local and state health officials and make a determination about when we can safely return to in-person instruction.  
JCPS wants to assure families that a plan is in place to safely reopen our schools when the data supports that decision. An updated and detailed plan for a safe return to in-person classes will be discussed at our Board of Education meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 20 at 6:30 p.m.  Our updated planning document will be available on our website tomorrow.  
You have been patient, understanding and cooperative during this time and we thank you for your support of JCPS!
JCPS Communications

Attendance Winners 10-26

attendance award winners

Congratulations to the following Doss HS students for being our attendance incentive winners for the week of Oct. 19th - Oct. 23rd.  Some of these students will be getting calls about pizza deliveries directly to their homes. Keep showing up, and we may be delivering pizza to your home!  *One pizza winner per academy based on random draw.


Business and Finance Academy

Attendance All-Star - Anisa Issa (pizza winner) - Mrs. Blount -  Student attends all classes, participates in class discussions, and asks clarifying questions. 

Rising Star -  - Shania Airinios - Mrs. Blount -  Due to Google Classroom issues, student fell behind for 3 weeks. Once Google Classroom issue was resolved, student completed all missing work within 2 days and is now attending classes regularly

Freshman Academy

Attendance All-Star - Jonathan Knapp - Mr. Barriger -  Johnny has been in all of his NTI Live sessions, WITH his video on. He participates by asking questions and sharing his work and he continues to improve his artistic skills each week. Super Proud of him!

Rising StarFatuma Mohamed (pizza winner) - Mr. Lasley - Fatuma started off struggling to come to class or get any assignments turned in.  After having a discussion with her, she has been much better about getting in her assignments.  While she is still struggling to get to class, I think her increase in performance deserves to be recognized

STEM Academy

Attendance All-Star - David Vega - Mrs. Robertson -Hasn’t missed a class or assignment yet! 

Rising Star - Trinity Marsh (pizza winner) - Mrs. Smith  - Trinity has come to class lately ready to get her work done and ask for guidance when she needs it! She has been on top of her assignments and doing a great job! Keep it up, Trinity :)

Tech. and Design Academy

Attendance All-Star - Hanan Mohammed (pizza winner) - Mr. Wood - She has been in every Teams meeting and is always asking questions if she needs help to understand the subject I am teaching for that day. 

Rising StarConnor Mcdonald - Mrs. Clawson - This student refused to give up before reaching proficient on his assignment. He answered 94 questions to do so! He really persevered to get the score he wanted.

Other Nominations that were not drawn:

Attendance All-Star - William Humm, Kevin Tejeda Azcuy, William Frey, Emmanual Simms, Aaron Russell, Dieu Bisetsa, Michael Cosby, John Conner, Robert Pricr, Jayshawn Burress, Tyeshia Izean, Mara Bredehoeft

Rising Star - Brianna Dean, Jayla Jackman

Doss HS Virtual College Fair

Doss High School will be hosting a virtual college fair on Wednesday, October 28, 2020 from 11:30am-1:00pm through the Google meet virtual platform.

There will be a variety of colleges and universities providing admissions presentations for all who attend. Students and families will meet and be greeted by admissions representatives from each college/university followed by the option to choose 3 colleges and attend their admissions presentations in breakout rooms. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and find out more information about the admissions process and requirements.  This event is open to students in all grades 9-12 at Doss High School. The link to attend is below.

Doss Virtual College fair link:   https://meet.google.com/wnu-nwrt-xyi?hs=122&authuser=0

October 28, 2020 from 11:00am-1:00pm- Fair starts at 11:30am.
Doss HS - Progress Grades

Doss Families, 

Grades for the 1st 6 weeks have been posted. A Progress Report will be mailed to you, but you can also access your student’s grades for the 1st 6 weeks by logging into the JCPS Parent Portal. Below, you will find directions for logging in, and also for setting up an account if you don’t already have one. If your student is struggling in any class, it is not too late for them to catch up! Reach out to your student’s teachers right away to find out how to get them on track for the next grading period!

Thanks, and don’t hesitate to reach out to the school with any questions.
Todd Stockwell
Executive Principal
Doss High School
10/19 Doss HS Attendance Incentive Winners
attendance award winners

Congratulations to the following Doss HS students for being our attendance incentive winners for the week of Oct. 12 - Oct. 16th.  Some of these students will be getting calls about pizza deliveries directly to their homes.  Keep showing up, and we may be delivering pizza to your home!  *One pizza winner per academy based on random draw.

Business and Finance Academy

Attendance All-Star - Troy Evon - Mr. Probst - Troy has been in every single one of my classes since the beginning of the school year, and he is an excellent example of a star student. Troy is gifted and he works hard for his grade. He definitely deserves recognition!

Rising Star - Mackenzie Williams (pizza winner) - Mrs. Zadeh - Makenzie has worked very hard these past few weeks in getting all her missing work turned in! She has taken the initiative to communicate with all of her teachers and I look forward to seeing her in our live class meetings more now! 

Freshman Academy

Attendance All-Star - Victoria Riordan (pizza winner)  - Mr. Spears -  There aren't a lot of students that I can count on being in class everyday and Victoria is one of those students. She always participates, I never have to ask her to go to Pear Deck more that once and her grades are solid.

Rising StarAilani Mohr - Mr. Lasley -  Ailani was struggling for a while to turn in her work.  However, over the past two weeks she has gone through and turned in a massive amount of work including a project.  I believe that all of her hard work to catch up deserves some praise

STEM Academy

Attendance All-Star - Jaden Carpenter (pizza winner) - Mrs. Hall - Jaden has been great all through NTI. She comes to every class and loves to interact with her peers!

Rising StarBrandon Riley - Mrs. Hall - Brandon had some struggles for a few weeks with not logging in to class and completing work. Now, he is coming back and completing all of his work! 

Tech. and Design Academy

Attendance All-Star - Mara Bredehoeft (pizza winners) - Mrs. Marshall - Mara has a positive aura that is infectious, even during NTI.  We appreciate her contributions to class, her optimism, and her punctuality. 

Rising Star - Ahmed Mohammed Mohammed - Mrs. Marshall - Mohamed has been attending class and participating but recently has been speaking up in class.  This boost of confidence is great to see and we hope he keeps it up.  Keep it going Mohammed!

Other Nominations that were not drawn:

Attendance All-Star - Ho Ngoc, KeOntae Pinchbeck, Troy Evon Churchill, Hayden Helms, Jeremiah Sutton, Evelyn Osorio, Trenton Wyatt, Kevin Tejeda Azcuy, Damarius Morris, Jacob Brawand, Michael Cosby, Kaitilin Goff, Yunior Aguilar Hervas, Aailyah Dever, Roshan Biswa, Sein Than, Elijah Toatley

Rising Star - Ray’el Williams, Makur Reclow, Jaconiah Fields, Howard Del Junco Linares, Desmond Crawford, Zahraa Jabbar, Kaniya Gardner, Nick Ricker, Craign Duggins 

Senior Quotes

"SENIORS!! Make yourself seen and heard in the 20-21 yearbook. It's time to decide on your final words... What's your Senior Quote? All quotes due by Dec. 1st."

Make Your Choice - In-Person or Virtual School

Doss HS Families,

JCPS is requesting that all families make the choice on whether their kids will return to the building when in-person learning resumes, or if they will continue learning virtually from home.  We must have this information as quickly as possible.   
Please go to the link below to make your choice:
In-person vs. virtual learning

As always, thank you for supporting the students and staff at Doss High School.

Todd Stockwell, Executive Principal

Doss Facebook

Doss High School now has an official Facebook page. Please “like” the page in this link https://www.facebook.com/HarryDossHighSchool and be sure to stay tuned for important announcements and posts. 

Doss HS Attendance Incentive WINNERS 10/12/2020

attendance award winners

Congratulations to the following students for being our attendance incentive winners for the week of Oct. 6-9. Some of these students will be getting calls about pizza deliveries directly to their homes. Keep showing up, and we may be delivering pizza to your home!  *One pizza winner per academy based on random draw.


Business and Finance Academy

Attendance All-Star - Jaelyn Denham Pizza Winner - Mrs. Conover - Jaelyn has never missed a class. In fact she is always waiting to get into class as soon as I log in. She always has her camera on, participates, and will volunteer to read aloud in class. She is awesome!

Rising Star - Nya Williams - Mr. Probst - Nya has become a very dependable student. She works hard every day, and I believe she deserves to be recognized for that! Nya stays on top of her work and is not afraid to ask questions when she needs help.

Freshman Academy

Attendance All-Star - Jonathan Knapp - Mrs. Sullivan - Jonny is always present and on time, he completes all the assignments, and actively participates in the lessons.

Rising Star - Justin Gordan Pizza Winner - Mr. Lasley - Over the last two weeks, Justin has been trying very hard to participate across the board. He was attending class as well as completed a HUGE number of missing assignments to boost his grade. 

STEM Academy

Attendance All-Star - John Kennedy - Mrs. Conner - John ( and mom) come to class every day ready to work. They keep our class laughing and John is really working hard and I couldn't be more proud. 

Rising Star - Brieanna Brown - Pizza Winner - Mrs. Hall - Brieanna had some technology struggles at the beginning of the year. Now, she is completing all of her work and sending it back!

Tech. and Design Academy

Attendance All-Star - Israel Ibikunle - Mrs. Kuszynski - Israel is always there and always ready to go. Even when I call on students who aren't present, he volunteers to fill the space. He's pleasant, bright, and his consistency is something to be relied on

Rising Star - Maegan Ireland - PIzza Winner - Mr. Blausey - In the beginning of NTI she was not participating at all, but she has been attending regularly and completing work.

Other Nominations that were not drawn:

Attendance All-Star - Noella Mekong, Marthe Papillon, Gloire Muzeba, Blay Paw, Jaqkal Coleman Hassall, Kylie Zencka, Kier Haigler, Jeremiah Sutton, Abdisamad Saman, Kevin Tejeda Ascuy, Robert Price, Michael Cosby, Kaytlin Goff, Davi Vega Gonzalez, Jaden Carpenter, Alice Uwase, Nicholas Ricker

Rising Star - Teon Cooksey, Mikayla Osborn, Mireya Munoz, Feliberto Gonzalez Martin

CNXT to Replace School Messenger

Doss HS families and students,

Over the course of this week, teachers will be emailing your own personal code for getting on Doss High School’s new communication platform, School CNXT. Some of you have already accepted your invitations and will not need to take any further steps. However, if you are not on the system yet, please follow these directions:
  1. Download the app on your phone and computer. We highly recommend your phone so alerts will be in the palm of your hand.
    Directions for downloading app
  2. Use the code sent to your email to log on to the system. If you do not receive a code through your email for some reason, please go to the link below. You can retrieve your own code by entering some basic, household information.

School CNXT will soon be the only way for your family to receive Doss HS news and notifications. We do not want you to miss out on any critical information!

Thank you for supporting the students and staff at Doss HS.

Todd Stockwell, Executive Principal 

Attendance Incentive Winners October 5

attendance award winners

Congratulations to the following Doss HS students for being our attendance incentive winners for the week of Oct. 19th - Oct. 23rd.  Some of these students will be getting calls about pizza deliveries directly to their homes. Keep showing up, and we may be delivering pizza to your home!  *One pizza winner per academy based on random draw.

Business and Finance Academy

Attendance All-Star - Jefferson Oliva (Pizza Winner) - Mrs. Rew - I nominated Jefferson because he has made a point of completing assignments, participating in class, and troubleshooting various technological issues on his own. He was my student last year too and I have noticed a significant positive attitude change. I am really proud of him and think he deserves recognition.
Rising Star - Laresa Mudd - Mrs. Lindle - She has been working extremely hard to bring up her grades after a slow start. 

Freshman Academy

Attendance All-Star - Sean Thompson - Mr. Lasley - Sean is one of the first ones in class every day and usually one of the last ones to leave. He loves to participate and present his answers on things. All around, I think he is a great student who deserves some recognition for his actions. Mr. Spears - Sean always comes to class, he always participates and has a 99.76 average. I wish he was a twin.
Rising Star - Mariah Wheeler (Pizza Winner) - Mr. Lasley - Mariah was really struggling to come to class when NTI began. However, in the past few weeks, she has finally been getting more involved. I feel like she deserves a bit of praise for putting forth the effort to get more into NTI

STEM Academy

Attendance All-Star - Ayan Ahmed Mohamed (Pizza Winner) - Mrs. Kruszynski - Ayan is always there, always saying hello, and always trying (even if she's not sure her thinking is correct). Can't ask for anything more in an AP class. Mrs. Pataluna - Ayan attends all classes, engages in class discussions, and turns in quality work with every assignment. She's respectful, kind, and embodies all of the traits of an excellent healthcare worker. 
Rising Star - Deajanae Purnell - Mrs. Smith - Lately Deajanae has been in class, asking questions, and working hard! She has a positive mindset when it comes to learning :)

Tech. and Design Academy

Attendance All-Star -Dieu Merci - student had some struggles getting started but is this weeks MOST IMPROVED 
Rising Star - Jacobi Taylor (Pizza Winner) - Mrs. VanGilder - Jacobi always comes to class, always polite and participates. He always responds thoughtfully when I talk to him. I enjoy having him in class.

Other Nominations that were not drawn:

Attendance All-Star - Kmya Roberts, Justin McGaughey, Feruz Luulay, Ray El Williams, Claudia Verdecia Alzamora, Cameron Jackson, Kier Hagler, Thomas Mack, Jacob Brawand, Jordan Price, Jaden Carpenter, Jordan Price, Michael Cosby, Alice Uwase, Kaytlin Goff, Richard Price, Jania Carter, Jacob Bonn, Anna Guerra, Alan Miles, Kami Evan
Rising Star - Jermyha Gamble, Michael Gaines, Shealynn Wempe, Zaquione Douglas

Parent Teacher Conferences, Monday Oct. 5th 2020

Dear Doss HS families,

This coming Monday, October 5th, is Doss Parent Conferences from 8:00am-3:00pm. We are providing a link below if you would like to request a conference with any teacher(s). Requests must be in by Wednesday, Sept. 30th at 4:00pm. 

As always, thank you for supporting the students and staff at Doss High School!


Todd Stockwell, Executive Principal

Parent Conference Request Form

Attendance Incentive Winners

attendance award winners

Congratulations to the following students for being our attendance incentive winners for the week of Sept. 21-25! These students will be getting calls about pizza deliveries directly to their homes. Keep showing up, and we may be delivering pizza to your home!

Business and Finance Academy
Attendance All-Star - Feruz Luulay - Mrs. Coles says, she is always willing to be positive and help others. When she needs assistance, she doesn’t hesitate to ask and work hard in class giving 100% to her studies.

Freshman Academy
Attendance All-Star - Meakat Dakeel - Mr. Lasley says, Meakat consistently comes to class, completes the work and asks questions when she is unsure about material. She has been treating NTI like it is face-to-face instruction and I believe that is commendable.
Rising Star - Alondra Hernandez - Mr. Spears said, I had not seen Alondra and then I called home. She was at the next class with a great attitude and has been at every class since and has done all her assignments.

STEM Academy
Attendance All-Star - Imari Sivilis - Mrs. Marshall says, A student that has constantly attended class and seems to always participate. Mrs. Kruszynski says, she's been in class and sharing opinions. As a bonus, she's very bright and cheerful; even her peers have commented on her presence in class.
Rising Star - Tyler Rohme - Mrs. Hall says, Student has participated more this week than he has from the start!

Tech. and Design Academy
Attendance All-Star - William Whitlock - Mr. Rouster says, Will is an All-Star through and through. He always shows up to class, participates with video, audio, and chat when asked and even on his own. Always does his work and has a great work ethic even during NTI. He also was very excited about the possibility of winning pizza for his family. Mr. Brown says, I look forward to having class with William, he is engaged, asks questions, and eager to learn. We have had good conversations! 
Rising Star - Christian Norton - Rising Star - Mrs. Marshall says, A student that was not attending and participating regularly, but has recently, greatly improved in this area.

Other Nominations that were not drawn:
Attendance All-Star - Michael Cosby, John Kenney, Jaden Carpenter, Kami Evans, Kaytlin Goff, William Whitlock, Damarius Stoner Morris, Stanley O’Neil, Ryan Longwood, John Mejia, Alan Miles, Perry Greco, Samuel Wine, Cody Sampson, Autumn Francis, Jordi Melgar, Richard Price, Jania Carter, Blake Masden, Kevin Tejeda Azcuy, Dasha Russell, Irving Carter, William Humm, David Vega Gonzalez, Teirra Wyatt, Angel Thomas, Julia Wilkerson,
Rising Star - Tori Grace, JaRyeia Brown, Deaudre Caldwell McClain, Eariel Carthen
Dear Families,

At JCPS, we are committed to supporting students every day but especially during this time when children may have many questions. We want our families to know the services available now and throughout the year for students.

Our school-based mental health teams, school counselors, mental health practitioners and family resource center coordinators, are available to continue the work they have always done to support our students and address trauma and racial inequity. They will be available to work with students individually to discuss what they are feeling and witnessing.

Our team of trained professionals at JCPS are prepared to listen, support and be there for our students. Please contact your school if your student would like to speak with someone. We are here for you.

Doss High School Students,

Do you like pizza? Do you like prizes? Go to the video link below and learn how you can win both just by showing up and participating every week!

Doss Attendance Incentives
Doss High School Fall Sports Schedule

REMEMBER: No staff or public are allowed at these events as of now. Further details of when the gates are open to the public will be shared when available. 

Fall Sports Schedule


Mental Wellness Training for all students started last week. Due to State mandates, all students must be trained and complete the student response card by TOMORROW, September 15th. If you have not completed the training and the student response card, please visit the links below and submit the forms when you have completed the training.

Mental Wellness Student Training:

Student Response Card:
School CNXT - Sign up ASAP

Dear Doss Families,

School CNXT will soon become Doss High School’s only avenue for receiving school news. It will also be an easy way for teachers to communicate with students and guardians. Many families will be receiving letters in the mail this week with instructions on how to get on CNXT. For families that do not receive a letter, they can take the following two steps:
  1.  Go to this link and fill out the form 
  2.  After receiving an email/text or letter invitation to get on School CNXT, download the app and follow the instructions.

If you have any questions, email AP Michael Slider at michael.slider@jefferson.kyschools.us.

Thank you for supporting the students and staff at Doss HS!

Todd Stockwell, Executive Principal
Doss HS NTI Survey

Hello Doss Family!

Please take a moment to give us some feedback on your student's NTI 2.0 experience. Click HERE to take the survey.

Remember it is not too late to request a Chromebook and/or Hotspot if your student needs one. Click HERE to request a device. 

Finally, School Messenger (the service used to send this message) is being replaced by School CNXT. If you have not signed up for CNXT yet, you will receive a letter in the coming days with instructions. You can also reach out to Michael.slider@jefferson.kyschools.us by replying to this email to receive a CNXT invitation. 

Enjoy the long weekend!

Doss Update 8/27/2020

Dear Doss Families:

Providing more opportunities for live online instruction is important to us during NTI 2.0. We believe these interactions and chances for live feedback are essential in our virtual learning environment. To ensure we can offer the best experience possible, we are transitioning to a new video conferencing system. JCPS will now be using Microsoft Teams for live online instruction. Our teachers are being trained and are preparing for this new platform and we don’t expect students will notice much difference in the software. The links for their live learning sessions will still be in their Google Classroom.

We will continue to have live online instruction as we transition to the new system. The links for student’s live learning sessions will still be in their Google Classroom. To learn more about Microsoft Teams and how to best support your student during this transition, please take a look at this brief video that takes you through the new software. We expect to have all teachers using Microsoft Teams next week. As a reminder, students are not to share their meeting codes or links with other students.

In the first few days of school we have seen engaged students excited to learn and innovative virtual classrooms created by our teachers. I am looking forward to seeing what our students achieve during NTI. Thank you for trusting us with your child’s education. We value our families and your commitment to your student’s success.
Todd Stockwell, Executive Principal
quick links

Doss HS families,

If you are trying to get to your child’s Infinite Campus to see their schedule, go to THIS LINK.

Just wanted to let you all know that Doss High School can also help you reset passwords. Contact the school at 502-485-8239. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

Another reminder that your child can access their teacher’s Google Classroom at THIS LINK.

If your student still has not obtained a device and/or internet access, please go to THIS LINK to put in a request.

As always, thank you for supporting the students and staff at Doss HS!

August 24, 2020 

Doss HS Families:

Visit the Doss High School WEBSITE for Doss specific resources to assist during NTI. 

Also, access the Doss School Portal on the JCPS website to see your student’s teachers’ information. 

Doss is a JCPS Food Site, and meals can be picked up on Tuesdays + Thursdays 10am – 12pm beginning Tuesday, August 25. Please refer to THIS JCPS INFORMATION for guidelines regarding food pickup. 

If you still need to request a Chromebook, you can still do so at THIS WEBSITE.

Don’t forget – classes start TOMORROW, Tuesday, August 25th. Students are expected to virtually attend classes according to the schedule below. They do so by logging into Google Classroom for each class at the designated time and clicking on the link to join the live session in Google Meet. 


If you have any questions, please contact the school at (502)485-8239.

We look forward to starting the 2020-21 school year with your student tomorrow!

Yearbook needs your help! Click here to learn how you can add your favorite photos into the 2021 Yearbook. https://docs.google.com/document/d/11lrK93apyx6ha3pFZ0_FV8T7Aq9bJ_QtZV7nAKJ11-o/edit?usp=sharing  
We are living through unprecedented times; capture these memories forever. You can pre-order your 2021 yearbook today at https://www.jostens.com/apps/store/productBrowse/1069563/Doss-High-School/2021-Yearbook/2020072404181105760/CATALOG_SHOP/ 

Doss HS is partnering with SchoolCNXT to communicate with you on your mobile phone or tablet! In order to receive information from Doss, you must get on this free app that will also provide easy communication between parents and teachers. In the next couple of days, you will be receiving a text message and/or e-mail with simple instructions on how to get on School CNXT.

Doss families,

Below, please see the schedule your students will follow for their classes. Live instruction will take place for all classes and will follow this schedule. The expectation is that your student is logged in and participating in all classes virtually. To locate the links to Google Meets live teaching sessions, your students can log in to their Google classroom account, where they will have virtual classrooms already set up matching their schedule..

Students: Please log in to your JCPS email and Google Classroom daily and download the app on your phone if you can. All information from teachers will come through there including links to your live teaching sessions.

Your classes will occur live via Google Meet twice a week. Expect to log in and participate with your classmates. Your teachers will be recording these lessons as well if you need to miss a session.

Attendance will be linked to you logging in to a live meet and/or turning in your work via Google Classroom.

You will be graded on the work that you turn in, just like during in-person school. Your teachers will provide feedback and grades to you!
Chromebook Pick-Up

Doss families,

If you have completed your Chromebook Request and need to pick it up at Doss HS, please come to Doss HS during one of the following time slots. This will be a drive-thru pick up, and staff will be there to bring it to your car. Please make sure the request has been completed before coming. 

Thursday 8/20: 10am - 2pm

Friday 8/21: 10am - 2pm

Monday 8/24: 10am - 2pm

Doss Update 8/11/20

Doss HS Parents and Guardians:

Anyone who needs a Chromebook for NTI must apply through the JCPS website. 

Please go to THIS LINK to request your device before Thursday August 13th at 3:00 p.m.  If you have any questions, please give us a call at 485-8239. We look forward to seeing everyone at our Drive-Thru Registration on Monday August 17th and Tuesday August 18th. Stay safe and healthy.

9th & 10th Grades - Monday, 8/17, 9:00am-12:00pm

11th & 12th Grades - Tuesday, 8/18, 9:00am-12:00pm

All Grades - Tuesday, 8/18 5:00pm-7:00pm

All Grades - Wednesday, 8/19 1:30pm-3:30pm